Depending on your budget and the size of your collection, each project will vary. You may select from a simple list, an inventory with photographs, or a described colour catalogue noting family connections. Arrange this service for yourself, or give it as a gift.

Family Heirlooms

Capturing the history behind family objects may help pass on accurate information and ensure special artifacts are not discarded. Recording who has previously owned or made an item, when and where they lived, and how they relate to you, ensures the details are passed down through the family.

Seniors may wish to document the information relating to the few items the brought with them from their family home, why they are so precious, where they came from, etc. Another aspect is to capture a memory booklet of the items they are planning to let go.

Creating a document of a family Bible with the births, deaths and marriage content allows families to share information.

Recording the history of handmade items is particularly important. Unlike china, silver or gold there is only rarely a maker's mark incorporated into them.




Cataloging your antiques or collected memorabillia allows you to keep track of your artifacts, note their condition and document where they were purchased.


Military Collections

Military medals are often carefully documented, but what about other military memorabillia? Perhaps a uniform, cap, badges and service books exist. Creating a document for each individual gathers all of the information together.

Business and Organization Artifacts

Recording information about local businesses helps ensure the footprint of early area history is captured. Promotional items marked with a business name, tools of the trade known to have been used by a business, or particularly calendars, which can pin-point a date of business activity, are all significant.

Church organizations may wish to catalogue items, such as who made the lecturn or who donated the silver chalice. A Woman's Institute may wish to note who made the earliest banner used for their meetings. Many households have Loyal Orange Lodge badges and certificates from family members.