PastPerfect Services

If you have read the PastPerfect manual, watched the CDs,
taken courses with the Museum Software group but still need more support,
Alison can offer assistance in the following ways:


- Training and demonstrations customized for your museum. Full or half day for individuals or small groups.

From a museum volunteer:

“Alison’s training went beyond how to competently enter new items into PastPerfect, but explained how any entry impacted and connected to the rest of the database, making what could have been a routine job turn into a rewarding adventure.”

- Customized forms, formats, reports, help text

- Housekeeping, security set-up, image management and museum process

- An extra pair of hands

Alison Hird of Treasured Collections is an administrative professional who has worked in museum collections management for over 12 years.
Her expertise as a leading user of PastPerfect is known across Southern/Central Ontario. A regular team player in the PastPerfect User Group, Alison has become a major resource for assistance in this area.

Southern Ontario PastPerfect User Group

A self-help group of Museums, Galleries and Historical Societies who assist each other. Best practices, shared experiences, technical questions and answers. We meet twice-yearly. View, follow or join our searchable PastPerfect User Group Technical Forum

Please Note: This local service is offered with the blessing/encouragement of the Museum Software team. This support, offered in Ontario, is over and above the services that they are able to provide.