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Laura Leonard
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October's Meeting - Minutes

Post by Laura Leonard » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:30 am

Hi folks,

Sorry for the delay, but here are the minutes from October's meeting.

Past Perfect User Group Meeting – Minutes
Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre – October 17, 2018

1. PP Virtual Exhibits – Tips, Pros, Cons – Woodstock Art Gallery
• Rep from Woodstock Art Gallery was not in attendance at time of discussion, but we asked question and received some feedback
• Those who attended the meeting indicated they don’t use the virtual exhibit section of Past Perfect
• Discussed it could be useful if the option of PP Online is not available since there are similarities to the layout and content
• Check if there is PP Tech Support to see if they would be able to assist and customize the exhibit
• Seems there is no area to create storylines in the exhibit context
• We tried to search online for examples of the virtual exhibit but could not see any references on the PP Museum Software website
• Did see there was a manual on the website that talks about the virtual exhibit, noticed the HTML builder which sparked some concerns of how user friendly it would be
http://www.museumsoftware.com/userguide.html link to access the manual online
• Might be helpful to post the question on the forum to see if anyone has experience with virtual exhibits on PP since not everyone in the group was in attendance

2. Past Perfect Meetings - Would a different time affect attendance, etc.?
• It was discussed that the meetings are helpful to everyone and we would like to continue to get together twice a year (April and October)
• Those who want to attend the meetings will make the effort to be there whether the location is close or not
• Discussion about if the OMA Conference affects the attendance of the October meeting?
• Decided to post the question on the forum to have other input on the question for those who were unable to attend the meeting

3. Past Perfect Update – Moving to the Cloud (update from Alison)
• Alison was not in attendance, but Laura from BCM&CC received an update from Alison to read to the group
• There has been no update, doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon
• Discussion about the cloud being secured in U.S. and not Canada and if this will affect our PP database for those who have I.T. Departments (servers)

4. Past Perfect Online Forum
• There seems to be problems with spam
• Usernames – try to make them clear and identify who you are to make it easier to ask questions or know who you are talking to
• Notifications received in emails are not consistent and unsure when new messages appear
• BCM&CC notices the emails go to Junk/Spam folders and others may notice the same – I.T. Departments may be able to assist
• Members need to start making it a habit to log into the forum and start to use it on a more regular basis – will make it a more useful tool
• Discussion about using emails again since the forum doesn’t seem to be working for everyone
• Start using email again until the bugs can be worked out on the forum
• Decided that Laura from the Bruce County Museum will start to look after the new email list
• If members have new emails, please update Laura (lleonard@brucecounty.on.ca)
• The email list will be used mostly for RSVP to the meetings, etc.
• Forum will be used to post questions, minutes, lists, etc.
• Asked to put the link to the forum for those who haven’t signed up yet
• Forum: https://treasuredcollections.ca/ppug/

5. Other Business
Question 1:
• Deb from BCM&CC asked question about QR Codes and if anyone uses them
• It was mentioned that they are not as active as a technology, doesn’t seem that anyone uses them anymore
• Seems that more museums are starting to build their own apps as marketing tools, seem more popular

Question 2:
• Janice from BCM&CC asked if anyone records donor information or tracks the info?
• The contact list may be best solution for using tracking donor information
• Contact I.D. section can be linked to the contact list to indicate if the donor is geared towards children’s programs, special events, etc.
• Also an “Activites” tab on the contact I.D. section that info could be recorded in
• Patti Lamb from Huron County was asked if she could provide instructions on how to print from contact list

Question 3:
• Micaela from Stratford/Perth asked about printing accession records and how to include notes
• This can be changed in report section (Reports-Accession Form with Items-Custom Layout) can rename and modify the sections you want
• Tech support can also assist to make sure the fields you want printed are showing up

Question 4:
• Micaela from Stratford/Perth asked about exhibits and wanting to see locations on objects when time to return items
• Sim from Grey Roots suggested running a query based on the exhibit number assigned in the exhibit section of PP
• To run query go to: Objects - Query – exhibit number – equals _ - add to statement – run query (this will show the items listed in the exhibit) then take the results and export to excel spreadsheet which then shows the location of each item
• Patti suggested to create catalogue lists and import items into the exhibit
• Can use lists for many purposes such as marketing, exhibit creation, deaccessions, etc.

Question 5:
• Question asked about where to put additional data/information about objects
• Patti said she uses the Notes/Legal tab to put additional information in that doesn’t necessarily pertain to the provenance but is still relevant
• Sim said she puts personal/confidential information in the Notes/Legal section and doesn’t have that appear on PP Online, but puts other relevant information in the Custom field

Question 6:
• Question asked if there can be a mass import of images done on PP for a single record
• PP tech support can usually help with larger import of data
• There is a limit (possibly 500) of images to upload to a record
• Suggestion of putting the large amount of images into separate records to keep it user friendly if it ever goes online

Question 7:
• Question asked if anyone had any issues switching to Nomenclature 4.0?
• Many noticed there weren’t too many changes that needed to be made, but some object names had to change
• There is the option of adding your own object name if there is nothing available, which is helpful for those with specified collections

Question 8:
• Question asked if there is a way to search for all fields at the same time
• Can customize the keyword search to make sure all fields are selected for each catalogue
• Keyword search best option, can also use the “Results Only” button once the search is completed to narrow down key terms

Question 9:
• Question asked if there is a rubric for data entry
• Everyone uses the fields for different reasons or has their own tone to writing in the description, etc.
• Key is to keep it consistent – use the F1 option to make notes on what information is to be input into each field
• The F1 option of a description of each field is helpful with students or volunteers who are doing data entry since they know specifically what you want typed in each section

Patti Lamb also gave information about the importance of security features in Past Perfect and how to customize them for volunteers and staff members.

Next Meeting – Hosted by Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol – April 10, 2019

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Re: October's Meeting - Minutes

Post by Alison_Hird » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:42 am

Sorry I didn’t make the meeting this time.

Question 6. it is my understanding you can set the limit of images per record. Max, I believe of 1000.
Question 1. There is a knowledge base section for the virtual exhib.... [url]http://hosted.comm100.com/Knowledg ... teid=45720[/url]

FYI I am sure you all spotted a recent update to V5!

Alison Hird

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Re: October's Meeting - Minutes

Post by Alison_Hird » Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:16 am

Question 2. Edit drop down list on Authority Files.

To edit any of the drop down list, go to Setup – Authority Files – In “Select Screen” choose the area you wish to edit, in this case “Common Screens” . At the far right is the “Combo Box Drop-Down Menu Options”. Choose “Disposal Method” and “Next”. From there you can edit, add, delete anything in the list.

Huron County

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Alison Hird

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