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April 2019 Meeting - Minutes

Post by Alison_Hird » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:14 am

PastPerfect User Group Meeting - Lambton Heritage Museum - April 10, 2019
Minutes by Erin.

In attendance: Patti Lamb, Alison Hird, Sarah Slater, Laura Leonard, Holly Morgan, Erin Dee-Richard, Donna Barnes, Dana Thorne, Jeanette Elliott, Crystal Loyst, Karen Wagner, Sherri Gropp, Georgina Stanciu, Robert Stanczyk, Tracy Oliveira, Tsukiko Keogh, and Monica Norris.

1. Temporary Custody Receipts (from Laura Leonard, Bruce County Museum); Does anyone use them? How do they use them?
• Huron County Museum doesn’t use TCR, patron must make an appointment to donate items
• Discussion that administratively speaking TCR can be good because you can migrate to accession easily
• Some museums have the TCR printed and staff write summary of items and keep it as a paper file and have to wait for collections committees to meet every 3-4 months (not enter into PP because that’s an extra step).
• Discussion of digital signatures, some municipalities use digital signatures. What is the OMA stance on this? Stated that legal opinion is however, the original document started is how it should be signed. ie original is paper, sign hard document. Original is an email/digital, digital signature is acceptable.
• Some museums skip TCR completely if they know they want to accept items.
• Oil Museum of Canada uses printed TCR form with signature as original, enters in PP then prints copy to keep with object until item can be accepted into collection.

2. Inputting anonymous donations (from Erin Dee-Richard, Oil Museum of Canada)
• Indication of difference between anonymous vs. unknown donations. Unknown is unknown where anonymous is known but not wanting to be recognized
• Restrictions can be placed on donor information (in accession) and on the record will appear in red.
• Credit line (in accession) can also be used to indicate anonymous donor or “unknown donor from Oil Springs”. Same thing for indicating Estates.
• Unknown donors can have a status “found in collection”
• Some people just type Unknown Donor in Source, other create a contact Unknown to use same ID #
• It was suggested when items found in the collections without numbers and not matched up yet, can catalogue them with a high number ie. 2019.100.001 etc. and then if discover documentation can go back and fix/add.

3. Other business raised
• How to differentiate between education collection and museum collection?
o Suggested can use collection field when cataloguing stating “Education Collection”, can also change status to education)
o Potential issues with simply putting an E in front of accession number
o Suggested use of lists to put objects into rather than collections because lists allows items to go into multiple lists whereas collection can only be the one.
o Examples of helpful Lists: 2009 donors (lock this list at the end of the year), social media list to refer to so not repeating images each year, Contact lists of volunteers (active and retired)
o Good thing with lists, you can use them to do a global change ie. If moving lots of items to a new location.
o Does anyone still use the TO DO feature? Although it changes red, most people stopped using it because don’t think to check it. It would be good if PP could email a report with to do items.

4. Adding Groups of Objects (from Jeanette Elliott, Fanshawe Pioneer Village); relating items
• Not a lot of use. Most found it to be cumbersome to use (preferred creating a list)
• Possible to make note in Relations and write out the related items instead, so the green button appears to show relation. Saving having to click on each one to relate objects.

5. Use of PastPerfect Online Forum (from Alison Hird, Treasured Collections)
• Discussed again if useful. Still lots of spam right now.
• Supposed to be a depository of minutes. All previous minutes available to be read on the forum.
• Alison will keep it going, she will send out instruction sheet again about how to sign in. Please follow the attached to set up your account.
• Notifications only notify when signed it, notifications often go to junk mail or recognized as spam
• People need to remember to check forum for questions.
• Can also use email list, however some people are blocked from using this list because too many contacts.
• Should we use a new system for this? If anyone would prefer another format, Alison is happy to help/provide. Google Folder, FaceBook Closed Group etc.
• Please note we do get hit from spammers around the world, but I clean it up in minutes and ban and IP addresses. Do not click any ‘nasty’ links. FYI I do receive emails notifying me of an update! (these may be coming to you, but getting hooked up in your firewalls)

6. New Level Release (from Alison Hird, Treasured Collections)
• Update from Brian, “really close now”.
• If you would like to try a demo let him know.
• Anyone who wants to take a look now – contact Brian G at PastPerfect.
• Two-part pricing for existing clients – 1. One time set up fee (about $350), 2. Annual hosting ($700-$1000) includes licence, support and maintenance.
• Note: New clients will have a higher set up fee.

7. Re-Org and PastPerfect (from Crystal Loyst, Museum Strathroy-Caradoc); was PP helpful with this?
• Suggested that using lists would be helpful with a Re-Org project

8. Patti discussed importance of setting security restrictions for groups
• No one should have ability to restore data in utilities (check it off)
• Students and volunteers shouldn’t be able to add/edit/delete
• Fun option, can change main menu colour and images and it’s specific to your desktop, not the network.

Next meeting:
Huron County Museum,
Goderich, Ontario
October 9th, 2019.

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